Breast augmentation

Sometimes by patients “chest pain” or “breast job”, also known as breast enlargement, breast contains implants or fat used to increase the size of their breasts to regain the breast volume lost after breast reduction or pregnancy. To improve the natural breast size asymmetry

What Can Breast Enlargement Surgery?

– Increase Breast fullness and projection

– allows balancing the breast and hip contours

Increase Your -Own image and self-esteem

Can the candidate to Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey.

-You are physically healthy and you’re not pregnant or breast-feeding

-Real have expectations

– Your breasts are fully developed

– Breast uncomfortable because of the feeling that you’re too small

– After pregnancy weight loss and shape of your breasts while living or you are not satisfied with the aging

-Your chest, upper part of the “empty” because it appears you’re unhappy

– asymmetrical breasts

-Br or both breasts develop a normal or elongated shape as