breast Lift

a breast lift, also known as Mastopexy, eliminating excess skin and reshape the breast new environment and increases tightening of the chest to support the surrounding tissue. A breast lift and rejuvenate your younger Altar Modeling chest with a revitalized profile. A woman’s breasts change over time, losing time youth and firmness. These changes and loss of elasticity of the skin can be caused by:



-Weight fluctuations




Breast Lift Candidates

You may be a candidate for breast lift surgery in Turkey;

-Are you’re physically healthy and stable panties

-You do not smoke

– your breasts sag or lose its shape and volume sensation bothers you

– Your breasts flat, an elongated shape or drooping

– falling below the nipple when the breast broken Unassisted

-Your nipples and areola are pointing down

You have a Rhino skin and enlarged areola

-Br breast lower than the other

Breast Lift Recovery

dressing or bandage will be applied after your incisions during breast lift recovery procedure is completed.

To minimize swelling and support your breasts heal, you must use an elastic bandage or support bra.