DHI Technique

DHI Technique What is it?
DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION representing DHI, the rare or of the hair follicles in bald individual hair transplantation process directly pressing head is a new technique which has been implanted. Each hair follicle in a certain direction, angle and depth are planted, so that patients are completely natural look and without a trace will have maximum visibility and viability. Implanted hair continues to grow throughout the patient’s lifetime and never poured. Former FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) compared with the method, there are many benefits and advantages of DHI hair transplant techniques. First of all, procedures, and not by technicians certified nurse DHA is done by a doctor. Second, it must make less donor. This is important, because the remaining hair just pay money to survive. scalpels and sutures during operations and therefore does not apply almost no trace. In addition, the recovery time will be so short that will be able to return to work
The day after the operation. After all, DHI hair transplantation;

1) It is completely safe: DHI
staples in each session and uses single-use disposable needles.
100% to ensure that all transactions and all levels of security protocols is tight.
2) promises Corollary: the depth, direction and placement
angle provides complete control of 100% natural result.
3) is painless: Extraction and plantation
to 1 mm or smaller diameter is used disposable gadgets.
4) To guarantee the feasibility and visibility: Graft applicability rate
was over 90%, the average DHI sector
is approximately 50% according to the study.
5) Only done by professional doctors:
From start to finish the procedure is performed by trained and certified medical doctors.
DHI by the academy.
6) provides lifelong growth: Only
healthy hair follicles are genetically engineered to grow selected and applied for a living.