Unshaven Hair

Unshaven Hair
of hair transplantation process, it is clear that each person’s bald or partially bald person wants to be the first surgery. Apparently, Turkey is one of the leading countries in the plantation business. Using the FUE method-unshaven, hair will be shaved before surgery. In men, hair loss typically begins in fornt side of the head and then slowly continues with the top of the head, and finally all the top hair loss occurs on the head. Normally proceeds in this manner. Thus, applying the FUE method of hair without shaving and wires, it is possible to erect the appropriate fields.

Basic Differences Between Shave Without Hair Shave
Basically, unshaven hair transplantation method focuses on people who are losing their hair quite a large area. Earlier it is better suited for patients with significant hair loss. However, on the other hand, if a person loses a fairly large area of the head, it is necessary to shave the statue. Briefly, what is lost in a certain area of the head hair is so big.

Unshaven Hair Post
which will take place after hair transplant surgery, hair transplantation is similar to other methods. In other words, they will be informed about and to look carefully after the operation patients by doctors. How to protect the patient and the doctor will tell you washed the head. Needless to stress, it is obligatory to follow what the doctor ordered for your health.

As expected, the new hair starts to grow between 3-6 months. However, the exact performance will last for approximately one year. So you should be patient!