Unshaven Hair

 Unshaved hair transplant is that the existing hair of the person is not shaved while hair transplant is done. Hair transplants made with this method are most preferred by women. This method can also be preferred by men who want their hair not to be shaved during the operation.

This method of hair transplant, which is preferred by those who hesitate in their next image in hair transplant and who do not want to appear without hair, has become very popular in recent years. Haircuts by women with long hair are often undesirable. Because it takes time for the hair to have its former length after being cut.

Hair transplant is an operation that can be done with more than one technique. With the development of technology, hair transplant techniques and tools used in these techniques have improved. Although the techniques used for hair transplant are different, the operation process is almost the same. Hair roots to be transplanted in the operation are taken from the donor area. In order for these hair follicles to be collected, the donor area must be shaved. This can be annoying especially for women.